Statement on Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda

Kampala, September 20th 2022. The Ministry of Health has confirmed an Ebola virus disease case in Mubende District. The patient, a 24-year-old male from the Madudu village reported symptoms related to the disease. He was treated in isolation but unfortunately died. This is the second case of the Ebola – Sudan strain in Uganda. The first case reported in 2012 ended with no secondary transmission after successful intervention by health workers.

Just like the cases successfully handled before, government has put in place measures to contain the outbreak in the district and any surrounding area. The affected area is under surveillance and monitoring by health experts from Ministry of Health. Uganda has an excellent infrastructure to contain this outbreak.

Visitors and tourists to and around Uganda are urged to travel as they observe the set health guidelines in place. Uganda is safe to visit. Tourists can safely enjoy the attractions across the country without restrictions.


About Uganda Tourism Board

Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is a statutory organization established in 1994. Its role and mandate was reviewed in the Tourism Act of 2008. The Board's mandate is to promote and market Uganda across the region and internationally, promote quality assurance in tourist facilities through training, grading and classification, promote tourism investment, support, and act as a liaison for the private sector in tourism development